Semi-Automatic Bagging Machine

Oct. 3, 2013

Sharp Packaging Systems has introduced improvements to their SX™ tabletop semi-automatic bagging machine. The SX™ prints the address onto the bag, then opens and seals it once the product is inserted. Improvements include a completely new control architecture and a full color, 4.3” wide touchscreen. The maximum bag width has increased from 9” to 11”. All machines have an HMI, plus an Allen-Bradley Micro850 PLC. Like all Sharp machines, parts are nonproprietary, available off-the-shelf.

“Improvements in our semi-automated SX bagging machine increase efficiencies for packaging,” notes Jeramy Williams, director of engineering at Sharp. “The machine is 10% smaller and 30% lighter. It’s ideal for applications where the products will be inserted into the bags by hand.” The SX bagging system includes an upgraded deluxe film feed sensor that runs all types and colors of bags. Its print engine is also upgraded to DataMax A-Class Mark II for high performance and reliability. Recommended applications for the SX machine includes packaging for fulfillment, injection molding, medical, parts and retail.

  • new control architecture
  • full color, 4.3” wide touchscreen
  • bag width has increased from 9” to 11”