XLPE-Insulated Motor Cable for VFDs

Sept. 18, 2013

HELUKABEL has grown its TOPFLEX® product line with the introduction of the TOPFLEX® 620 VFD. This flexible-PVC, XLPE-insulated power cable is ideal for applications with high voltage spikes and long cable runs due to its low capacitance. Built for the industrial sector that requires the use of on/off or slow down/speed up VFD motor applications, the special PVC jacket is extremely resistant to oils (Oil Res I & II), coolants and solvents making it suitable for open, exposed runs (TC-ER rated, UV resistant), installation in pipes, or in the ground (direct burial rated). In areas where electrical interference may be an issue, the TOPFLEX® 620 VFD is double-shielded to provide effective protection against electrical disturbances (noise) and the resultant failures. 

The TOPFLEX® 620 VFD power cable is available in a four conductor configuration ranging in sizes from 16 – 2 AWG. It has been rated for both 600V and 1000V applications, and can operate in varying temperature environments from -25°C to 105°C, having passed both the -25°C cold impact and -40°C cold bend tests. Furthermore, this robust VFD cable can be used in industrial environments such as petroleum refineries, and gasoline storage and dispensing areas, or others listed under Class 1 Div. 2 per NEC Articles 336 & 501. In the event of an explosion or fire the TOPFLEX® 620 VFD is self-extinguishing and flame retardant in accordance with CSA FT4 and NFPA 79. In addition to UL (1277 and 2277 Flexible Motor Supply Cable) and CSA (AWM I/II A/B), the TOPFLEX® 620 VFD is CE approved for machine builders exporting to Europe.

  • PVC jacket is extremely resistant to oils
  • four conductor configuration