Electric Linear Actuator

Oct. 3, 2013

Thomson introduces Max Jac® - a heavy-duty linear actuator that delivers reliable and virtually maintenance free operation while maintaining accuracy in the harshest application conditions. The IP69K rated Max Jac has a stainless steel adapter and extension tubes to help prevent leakage. Additionally, a non-contact feedback signal assures accuracy over time and eliminates the need for re-calibration. The Max Jac has been subjected to rigorous testing and was proven to withstand: 

  • 500 hours of salt spray  
  • exposure to aggressive substances such as fertilizers, acid, oil, grease and cleaning agents
  • rigorous vibration testing 
  • continuous operation in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C 

 “The Max Jac offers stroke lengths from 50 to 300mm with a potential speed of 60mm/s giving a very short overall length versus stroke.  Using the latest technology and best materials available, Thomson has created an electric linear actuator designed specifically for rugged use in mobile off-highway vehicle applications, including fertilizer or salt and sand spreaders, throttle or seeding applications, in marine, offshore, rail, mining and any other application with a large amount of wash down or exposure to aggressive substances,” says Håkan Persson, Product Line Manager Thomson Actuators. “Design engineers interesting in taking advantage of the new Max Jac linear actuator can find detailed specifications and downloadable 3D models now at www.thomsonlinear.com/maxjac.” The Max Jac can be custom designed by Thomson engineers to fit the widest possible range of application needs. It comes with the option of an analogue or digital encoder output, as well as self-locking worm screw or ball screw models to accommodate the demands of the specific application. 

  • non-contact feedback signal 
  • stroke lengths from 50 to 300mm
  • potential speed of 60mm/s