Cylinders Handle Demanding F&B Apps

March 21, 2017
3A/USDA approved and clean-in-place compatible.

With new higher forces and faster speeds, the actuators can be deployed in the most demanding of food and beverage processing applications.


ERD hygienic all-stainless-steel electric cylinders are designed to IP69k rating specifications for clean-in-place, high-temperature, high-pressure caustic wash downs.  


ERD hygienic actuators are also available with a 3A- and USDA-approved option that meets requirements for over-food production in meat (livestock), poultry and dairy processing. Designed with roller screw and ball screw options, the hygienic ERD series can meet the most demanding applications for high duty cycle, performance and long life.


Forces range up to 7868 lbf (35.6 kN) with stroke lengths up to 40 in. (1016 mm) and achievable speeds to 40 in./sec (1473 mm/sec). The smooth-body hygienic design eliminates the need for actuator guarding fixtures, which simplifies machine design and lowers costs.


ERD hygienic actuators are compatible with a variety of third-party servo motors suitable for hygienic food processing, creating a flexible, clean-in-place, electric linear motion solution. Motor mounting can be in-line with the actuator or in a reverse-parallel configuration that reduces over-all length and allows for rear pivot mounting.  

  • 3 body sizes
  • Ball, acme and roller screw choices
  • Force/thrust capabilities up to 7,868 lbf (35 kN)
  • Stroke lengths up to 39.4 inches (1 m)
  • IP69K with all stainless steel construction is standard
  • USDA and 3A (#14159-1-2010) approved hygienic option for over food operation
  • Standard 15-day built-to-order shipping 
  • Clean-in-place compatible
  • Simplifies and lowers cost of machine design by eliminating protective guards around standard actuators