High Output Explosion Proof High Bay LED Light

Oct. 28, 2013

The EPLC2-HB-150LED-RT explosion proof high bay light fixture from Larson Electronics givers operators in hazardous locations an ideal alternative to older and bulkier HID fixtures that requires less energy while providing comparable light output. This powerful LED high bay light produces 12,000 lumens of high quality light output while drawing only 150 watts, making it a highly efficient option for those seeking to cut energy costs associated with lighting. Because this unit is LED, the fixture is compact in size and has no ballast, resulting in a lighter and less obtrusive fixture that also requires less maintenance to operate. The body of this fixture is constructed from aluminum alloy that has been powder coated for added durability and an attractive appearance. 

The advanced LED light assembly in tandem with a high efficiency heat dissipating design helps this light to achieve a 60,000 hour operational life, over twice that of standard HID fixtures. The LED assembly produces 12,000 lumens with a color temperature of 6000K and a color rendering index of 70 which renders colors and details more accurately than high pressure sodium or mercury vapor luminaries. This light also features multiple mounting options including pendant, ceiling, wall and cable mounting, and ships with an included ¾ NPT thread bracket and a swivel mount bracket. This light is multi voltage and can be run with voltages ranging from 100 to 277 VAC, 50/60Hz. This high bay LED light is approved for Class 1 Division 2 and Class 2 Division 1&2 environments and is an ideal alternative to heavier and less durable HID fixtures that doesn’t compromise power for versatility. “The EPLC2-HB-150LED-RT LED lighting is more conducive to hazardous area lighting than fragile and less efficient gas burning fixtures,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics LarsonElectronics.com. “This 150 watt explosion proof LED high bay fixture is equivalent to 400 watt metal halide fixtures offering twice the lamp life at less than half the amp draw.”

  • produces 12,000 lumens of high quality light output 
  • draws only 150 watts
  • no ballast