Rugged, High-Power Scanning Head

June 20, 2017
Laser Mechanism has introduced the FiberScan HR

Laser Mechanisms' new FiberScan HR is a scanning head for high-power laser sources including Fiber, Disk, CO2 and Diode lasers.


Available for collimated beams up to 48 mm diameter, FiberScan HR can deliver 20+ kW of laser power to any point within the system's field of view. FiberScan HR employs direct water-cooled copper optics for all wavelengths throughout its optical path to provide reliable, ultra, high-power capabilit with minimum thermal focus shift.


The rugged design is optimized for high power and long processing times required in applications such as continuous welding on roll forming systems, additive manufacturing of sizable structures and large area or volume cladding. In addition, high-speed operation up to 500 Hz in a smaller field enables wide gap seam welding and laser stir "wobble" welding of materials that are difficult to process.

  • Built for high laser power (20+ kW)
  • Modular design can be configured for specific applications
  • Water-cooled reflective optics including collimator
  • Compact optic drive system
  • Sealed housing and air knife
  • Optional seam tracking
  • Optional height sensor and autofocus for small area scanning
  • Optional real-time weld monitoring