Low-Profile Connector Housings Save Space

Sept. 19, 2017
Mencom Corporation provides a unique locking mechanism on its PICs.

Low Profile enclosures for Panel Interface Connectors (PIC) protrude from the sides of cabinets 75% less than the standard metal housings. The Low-Profile housings are UL listed and available in three sizes; one single cover (LP1), two single covers (LP2) and one double cover (LP3).


The transparent polycarbonate cover allows users to see which components are within the enclosure. These enclosures provide an IP65 rating, and feature a unique locking mechanism. The lock is located on the sliding latch and can be operated using a standard flat head screw driver.


For those environments that do not require as much protection, all of our PIC designs are available as a plate that is mounted directly to your cabinet, without the need of a standard or low profile housing.