THL Series SCARA Robots

Oct. 22, 2013

TM Robotics offers a complete line of affordable and lightweight THL Series SCARA robots, with the addition of its extended arm length THL800, THL900, and THL1000. Offering Toshiba Machine’s longest arm lengths, 2.6 (800), 3 (900), and 3.3 ft (1,000 mm) respectively, these three models efficiently move payloads up to 22 lb. (10 kg) over a long distance.


The THL Series SCARA robot line also includes the THL300 and THL400, featuring the maximum payload capacity in their class, as well as the THL500, THL600, and THL700. All THL Series robots are equipped with lightweight die-cast aluminum arms, with working envelopes of 4 axes and 360-deg. Z-axis rotation. THL robots also feature less complex, easy-to-maintain gearboxes and motors. The THL’s high RPM motor results in the highest speeds in its class compared to other SCARA robots of similar size.


Low-cost and lightweight THL Series SCARA Robots are ideal for price-conscious end-users, and system integrators looking to incorporate automation. The THL800, THL900, and THL1000 are ideal for the assembly of medical devices, food packaging, pharmaceutical processing, and semiconductor and electronics. Toshiba Machine’s TSL3000 Controller was developed exclusively for the THL Series. It includes USB compatibility as standard, while Field Bus is available as an option. Storage capacity totals are approximately 6,400 point + 12,800 steps. The programming language is SCOL (similar to BASIC).