TI-300 Series” torque inserts introduce advanced positioning and pivoting technology solutions engineered to outmaneuver conventional hinges in performance, ease of use, service life, and appearance.  They enable reliable, precise, and controlled positioning of equipment and components for a wide range of hinging applications in the consumer electronics, automotive, medical and dental, and architectural lighting industries, among many others.  Their industry-leading rated service life of 50,000 cycles ensures unmatched functionality over time.  

These torque inserts additionally benefit from patented ReellTorq® clip technology, which eliminates any need for adjustment and imparts a premium quality feel, smooth and precise position control, and consistent torque. Designers can specify from three compact package sizes (TI-320, TI-340, and TI-360) manufactured with powdered metal housings and generating the highest torque available in the marketplace for their size.  Depending on model, torque capabilities range from 0.5 Nm / 4.4 in-lb. to 10.0 Nm / 88.5 in-lb and symmetric or “one-way” torque options are available. TI-300 Series torque inserts press-fit into round holes for quick and easy installation in just one step.  

The elimination of hardware for mounting contributes to savings in time and costs and ultimately promotes enhanced cosmetics for assemblies.  Mounting profile options include exposed shaft end, knurled zinc adapter (for installation into plastics), and one-way bearing adapter (to mount TI-340 or TI-360 versions). 

  • controlled positioning
  • eliminates any need for adjustment