High-Accuracy Torque Testers

Nov. 19, 2013

Mark-10 Corporation has announced its Series TT02 torque tool testers for the accurate and reliable verification of applied torque values derived from torque screwdrivers, wrenches, and other small hand tools used on the factory floor and in other production environments. Having an understanding of a tool’s applied torque is important for ensuring product quality, safety and reliability. While fasteners can be inexpensive, an improperly tightened fastener can cause a host of operational problems, ranging from the minor, up to catastrophic failure. Attaching fasteners with appropriate amounts of torque prevents them from vibrating loose or, alternatively, from stripping threaded fasteners. Torque tools can also go out of calibration, particularly from ongoing daily use. By instituting a regular torque fastener tool performance verification program, manufacturers can better ensure product quality and performance. 

Compact, rugged Mark-10 Series TT02 torque tool testers can directly assist in these efforts, by capturing peak torque values in both measurement directions at a rapid sampling rate of 7,000 Hz with ±0.3% full scale accuracy. The Series TT02 also calculates first and second peaks for the measurement verification of click-type tools. Their universal 3/8” square receptacle accepts common bits and attachments. The Series TT02 also includes a range of productivity-enhancing features, including USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs; automatic data output/zeroing/data storage upon tool slip or click; memory storage for up to 1,000 readings; and pass/fail indicators and outputs. Mark-10 Series TT02 torque tool testers are supplied with the company's own proprietary MESUR™ Lite basic data acquisition software for tabulation of continuous or single point data. For post-processing and analysis, data stored within the Series TT02’s memory can be downloaded in bulk, with simple one-click data export to Microsoft® Excel, allowing for further data manipulation

  • sampling rate of 7,000 Hz with ±0.3% full scale accuracy