Motor Capabilities Brochure

Nov. 18, 2013
Current Applications Inc. has released its’ detailed capabilities brochure to the public. This new brochure includes detailed highlights of motor engineering capability, custom packaging design options, and volume production resources, in their Upstate New York manufacturing facility. The key focus of the brochure is on customization benefits to potential customers. Current Applications offers both geared and non-geared brushed DC motors, DC armature and field sets, brushless DC motors, brushless AC/DC servomotors, and universal wound motors. 

Speed ranges are from a minimum cogless RPM to 6000 RPM when used with appropriate drives and amplifiers, some of which are also offered. Torque ranges are from 38 inch ounces continuous (1/15th H.P.), to 500 inch pounds continuous (14 H.P.). Packaging is customizable to fit specific space requirements. Gearmotor options include both right angle worm and inline spur gear designs coupled to the motor technologies mentioned. Gearing provides both torque multiplication and/or reflected inertia reduction for appropriate applications.