Energy-Saving Soft-Starter

Nov. 14, 2013

Franklin Control Systems announces the release of a new energy-saving soft-starter for use in Industrial motor applications. The IMS-RV, (Industrial Motor Starter – Reduced Voltage) features Franklin Control Systems’ proprietary Starter Control Module (SCM) technology, which provides cutting-edge protection and monitoring, while saving as much as 50-75% of the installation and component costs compared to traditional motor starters. 

The IMS-RV soft-starter limits the inrush of electric current during the startup phase, particularly on larger horsepower motors, saving energy.  On start-up, the current limit is adjustable, as is the initial voltage and start time. The IMS-RV’s soft start features are completed with multiple starting modes such as voltage ramp, current limited start, and torque boost (a mode that increases the starting voltage to the motor by 30% when extra torque is required). Soft stop modes include coast, voltage ramp, and linear deceleration, with adjustable stop time and dropout voltage. In emergency situations, the IMS-RV can operate as an across the line starter. Once the motor is running, it’s protected by an advanced programmable wide range electronic overload relay. The IMS-RV reduces installation time and increases reliability compared to typical motor starters by incorporating common control-related elements, eliminating the need for additional external components to complete the typical installation. For example, it accepts dry contact (on/off) or voltage inputs (12-120VAC/DC) for activation by control systems without requiring interposing relays.  Current sensors, commonly referred to as proof of flow or status sensors, used to detect loss of load, are no longer needed due to the IMS-RV’s on-board true power load monitoring and built-in status relay output. 

Also standard is a fault logging feature, which records the last 15 fault types and counts how many times each fault type has occurred. Installation and automation of the IMS-RV is further streamlined through the use of Modbus RTU communication, and a wide range, class 5-30 electronic overload and wide range voltage operation (208 to 480 VAC) prevents installation call-backs due to mis-sized thermal overloads and nuisance trips. “This innovative starter satisfies the market demand for increased energy savings on large motors used for crushers and other high-horsepower applications,” says Andre Perra, President of Franklin Control Systems. “Better control, easier sizing and superior motor protection create peace of mind for the installer and end user.” With measurements accurate to .5%, kilowatt hour information and instantaneous kilowatt metering are available through Modbus for monitoring and controlling energy usage. With the IMS-RV with built-in power metering, typical savings realized in both installation and costs per metered point are up  Also available is an ISS-RV version (Industrial Soft Starter – Reduced Voltage), which has the same soft-starting capability as the IMS-RV. It features a wide range electronic overload relay, a universal power supply (which accepts 200-600VAC directly), and control inputs and outputs. It does not include Modbus communications or utility grade power monitoring.

  • Starter Control Module (SCM) technology
  • fault logging feature