ST 3000-25 Walkie Straddle Stacker

Dec. 11, 2013

The ST 3000-25 Series walkie straddle stacker is capable of handling up to 2,500 lb. and working in environments with tight spaces, such as grocery and retail. The Crown ST 3000-25 is available in North America and South America. The stacker’s compact design, combined with Crown’s exclusive X10 Handle, is a key reason why the stacker can maneuver in small spaces. The durable, cast aluminum control handle features advanced ergonomics so operators can effortlessly perform any function necessary. A brake override feature ensures accurate maneuvering when the handle is in the near-vertical position. This allows the stacker to easily turn in an area almost as small as its own footprint and reduces the risk of damage to the truck, load, and facility.


The stacker’s low-profile power unit and clear mast design give operators a clear view while working with elevated loads or moving products throughout the facility. Unlike typical counterbalanced trucks that require an 11 to 13-ft aisle to operate, the Crown ST 3000-25 allows managers to use 6 to 7-ft aisles so they can maximize storage space. With the products stacked vertically on an organized rack system, operators have quick access to each individual product, without having to move numerous loads to reach the item they need. The Crown ST 3000-25 comes with an onboard charger that allows its 24V powered lift and travel system to be charged anywhere in the facility. Easy access to the battery compartment simplifies battery maintenance.

  • Load Capacity: 2,500 lb.
  • Max Lift Height: 127.4 to 168 in.
  • Power (Electric): 24V / 195 Ah
  • Head Length: 32.24 to 32.95 in.
  • Inside Straddle: 38 to 50 in.