Low Durometer Urethanes

Nov. 21, 2013

The 20-2330 Series of low durometer urethanes, ranging from Shore A to Shore 90, is perfect for protecting electronic and other components in extreme conditions.  This Series has outstanding resistance to water, good chemical resistance, and provides great electrical insulation. It maintains its flexibility over a broad temperature range (from -40° to 125°C), and even when cooled to -72°C exhibits very little increase in hardness.    

 The 20-2330 Series of potting and encapsulating compounds have been used successfully to protect water meters and underwater electronics.  The softness of these products makes repair of components easier. They are an excellent alternative to more costly silicones due to their flexibility, electrical insulating properties, and superior adhesion. 


  •  Hydrolytic stability 
  •  Water resistance 
  •  Chemical resistance 
  •  Flexibility over broad range of temperatures 
  •  Excellent electrical insulation RoHS and REACH compliant 
  •  Thermal cycling stability 
  •  Low glass transition temperature
  • outstanding resistance to water
  • good chemical resistance
  • great electrical insulation