A new adhesive dispensing system that features a portable dispenser and a mobile bulk refilling station for assembly and manufacturing environments requiring multiple dispense points or dispensers is being introduced by Ashby Cross Company. The Ashby Cross DXR Adhesive Dispensing System features a portable dispenser gun that provides mode control for dots, shots, or bead output, a fixed shot volume adjustment and a precise mixing ratio with reproducible results.  Combining the advantages of point of application metering with the use of bulk packaged materials, the system’s mobile refill station serves multiple dispensers which recharge directly for safe and simple on-site refilling. 

Available with fixed volumetric dispensing ratios ranging from 1:1 to 10:1, The Ashby Cross DXR Adhesive Dispensing System has a patented mixer connec-tion which eliminates cross contamination.  The refill station includes two 5-gallon containers and this low-maintenance system is ideally suited for use with epoxies, silicones, acrylics and MMA in a variety of applications

  • portable dispenser gun
  • mobile refill station