Cordless Portable Tools

Dec. 23, 2013

FEIN Power Tools, Inc. has introduced a new series of cordless portable tools designed for fabricators, contractors and MRO personnel.  These German designed and built cordless drill drivers, hammer drills, and impact wrenches provide maximum efficiency and long service life in continuous professional uses.  They are virtually indestructible, ergonomically designed and their powerful torque transfer is ideally suited for metalworking applications.  Fein offers eight, 4-speed cordless drill models with brushless motor technology and four 2-speed models.  The motor’s high copper content provides increased efficiency, high torque and long service life.  

The tools all have metal gear heads, glass-fiber reinforced, distortion-free barrel-type motor housings, dustproof bearings and encapsulated electronics to meet the expectations of tough everyday professional use.  The top of the line model, the ASCM 18QX is a 4-speed, 1/2" unit with an -more- NEW CORDLESS DRILL DRIVERS…/2 interchangeable shift lever that allows direct shifting to any of its four, no-load speeds of 400, 800, 1,950 and 3,850 RPM.  It offers 796 in/lb maximum torque and weighs just 4.4 lb (2.0 kg).  Its positive-hold, interchangeable chucks are provided in 3-jaw or hex styles. In addition, Fein is introducing four, 2-speed, 1/2" models of cordless hammer drills for drilling in stone, concrete and masonry yet having the ability to make high quality holes in either metal and wood.  

They have 4-pin dc motors in 550/1,600 RPM no-load speeds  Rounding out the line of cordless power tools are four new impact wrenches, two 1/2" square and two 1/4" hex drives.  They have the same motors as the hammer drills with maximum torque of 2212 in/lb and 9,350 up to 29,000 impacts per minute. All the batteries in the cordless line can go from depleted to fully charged in 30 minutes.  Under full load use they will provide 30 minutes of operation

  • drill drivers, hammer drills, and impact wrenches
  • metal gear heads
  • distortion-free barrel-type motor housings