Stripping Machine for Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cables

Dec. 18, 2013
The SemiRigid 1050 is a highly specialized machine for stripping aluminum or copper jacketed semi-rigid coaxial cable.  It can process cables with outer diameters ranging from 0.86 mm (.034”) to 4.5 mm (.177”). The machine can be programmed to perform the following operations: 
  • A one or two step strip, with or without pointing of the center conductor
  • Stripping and pointing of the inner conductor on cables with soldered connector already in place 

The machine is very easy to use, featuring a color touchscreen user interface. The predefined stripping templates show a graphic representation of the cable and allow simple dimensional data entry, ensuring that cable programs can be created, saved and recalled very quickly. The SR 1050 has a compact design and offers excellent access to the work area. The Schleuniger SemiRigid 1050 offers high precision and flexibility to process your high-value semi-rigid coaxial cable in the highest possible quality. 

  • color touchscreen user interface
  • predefined stripping templates
  • easy to use