Jan. 9, 2014

The DRL is a compact swivel unit consisting of a strong short-stroke cylinder and a rack pinion rotary actuator. Its most notable features are its speed and precision. Designed for high speed assembly, the DRL uses a curved roller guide to positively track through its motion range allowing it to achieve up to 90 cycles per minute at minimum payload. Rotation is done with a pneumatically driven rack and pinion drive and the vertical axis is driven by a pneumatic piston. Both rotation and lift are precisely coordinated with the curved roller guide.  The DRL is available in 2 versions, either 0-90° or 0-180° rotation so that it can be used in most standard industrial applications. End position adjustability is possible and has a range of +/- 2° on either end. Torque generated through the rack and pinion drive is 2.7Nm at 5 bar pressure. Vertical stroke for the DRL is up to 40mm and can be adjusted to pick at one height and place at another.  Maximum linear vertical stroke is 20mm with adjustability up to 10mm and a maximum difference in elevation of 10mm. If the manufacturing process is interrupted and the DRL is required to stop, there are 2 programmable waiting positions that can be stopped until the interruption is cleared. It works well in both clean and contaminated environments and can be adapted into the modular system. The speed, precision and adjustability make the DRL an ideal choice for applications with assembly, pick and place, switching and repositioning.  Overall, the DRL is very compact, has a smooth operation and high speed, and has optional features that reduce the amount of design engineering required.  Best of all, it can be combined with numerous combinations of GEMOTEC system elements increasing the number of applications it can be used for.

  • Transfer and turning in one step
  • Rotation angle adjustable by ± 2° per side
  • Vertical end position adjustable by 10 mm per side
  • Pick and place heights can be different
  • Two stand-by positions can be achieved by actuation