FEIN Power Tools, Inc. has introduced a new series of standard, single-speed angle grinders suitable for the rigors of rough grinding particularly those found in fabricating applications and construction sites.  There are three new angle grinder models: The single speed Solid for deburring, grinding and cut-off work; the single speed Power for roughing down and cut-off work and the variable speed Inox for stainless steel processing.  They are German engineered and built to FEIN standards, yet offered at a competitive price when compared to other models in their class.              

The grinders have high-endurance, double insulated motors with sealed, high copper windings for long life even in hard conditions.  Power consumption ranges from 6.7A to 12.5A and 800W to 1,500W under a full load. No-load speeds are: The Solid 11,000 RPM; the Power 8,500-11,000 RPM and the Inox 2,500-7,900 RPM variable.  They have all metal gear heads and a connecting piece where the drive meets the motor. Unlike many basic hand grinders offered today, the brushes are replaceable in five minutes or less. The grinder’s ergonomic grip helps provide fatigue-free work while making them suitable for either right or left handed operators.  They also provide low vibration even without an anti-vibration handle.  The 13? (4m) rubber power cord is the longest in the industry.  Units come with a safety guard, one pair of flanges, an accessory handle on the Solid and anti-vibration handle on the Power and Inox and one wrench.

  • double insulated motors
  • sealed, high copper windings
  • metal gear heads