MHDA-LED - Hazardous Location Led Linear Fixture

Jan. 6, 2014

The MHDA LED series is an aluminum linear fluorescent style luminaire that is UL certified for hazardous environments where protection is needed from hazardous gasses, dusts and fibers. It is also listed for marine outdoor environments where salt spray would corrode lesser fixtures. Features include a copper-free aluminum housing, water tight gaskets attached to the lens, captive stainless steel latches and a stainless steel lens tether to eliminate breakage during service. Stainless steel mounting brackets are also attached and the lens is made from high impact DR acrylic with an optional polycarbonate lens available. Being certified for wet locations and inside drip proof, it is widely used in offshore oil rigs, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, mining, waste water treatment plants, warehouses, food processing facilities, tunnels airports, military facilities and other areas where hazardous, wet/damp & corrosive environments are an issue. The 80 watt board and driver system is designed to minimize the energy usage and maintenance cost. Like all of our LED products, the MHDA LED is covered by our five year warranty against manufacturers’ defects and lumen loss.