Jan. 17, 2014
The SCALANCE X-200 Industrial Ethernet managed switches permit cost-effective configuration of Industrial Ethernet line, star or ring topologies. The possibility to create redundant rings makes it the perfect fit for networks in which high availability is required. The easy-to-use Web Based Management provides access to extensive management and diagnostics functions. The IP30 protection, rugged cast metal housing, and RJ45 thread collars prove it's capability to serve in industrial applications. With the addition of a replaceable C-Plug memory disk, switches can be exchanged without a programming device. The configuration or application data are secured on the C-PLUG and can be implemented in another SCALANCE X-200 switch without special know how. The SCALANCE X-200 is available in 9 different versions with electrical and optical 10/100 M bit/s Ethernet ports. Features:
  • Diagnostics and Configuration Available Via Web, SNMP or TIA Portal/Step7 Management Tools
  • PROFINET Process Diagnostics and System Diagnostics
  • Integrated Redundancy Manager for High Speed Redundancy; Reconfiguration time <300 ms/50 Switches
  • Ring Redundancy with MRP; Reconfiguration Time < 200 ms
  • Compact Metal Enclosure
  • RJ45 Sockets with Retaining Sleeve for Additional Strain Relief
  • DIN and S7-300 Rail Mounting
  • Redundant Power Supply (2 × 24 VDC)
  • Fanless Temperature range –40 to +60°C
  • Protection Class:IP30 | Voltage, Supply:24 | Power Loss:4 | Weight:780 | Current, Supply:0.185 | Temperature, Operating:–20 to 70 | Transfer Rate, Ethernet:10/100 | Mounting Type:Wall | Dimensions:60 W × 125 H × 124 D |