Kurt Workholding HD690 vise is the first pull-type vise with a 9- inch jaw opening for clamping larger parts with minimal stationary jaw deflection.

The HD690 vise combines Kurt’s time-proven AngLock® design with a new pull-type design. This combination reduces stress in the vise body under load resulting in more accurate part clamping. With jaw plates in the standard position, this HD690 vise features a full 9-inch inch opening for precise large part clamping.             
Designed with a rigid stationary jaw, the HD690 vise features top-down bolting to reduce deflection. It has an extra tall body to reduce clamping stress. High precision roller bearings and a specially hardened vise screw mechanism are among many additional features that enhance precision clamping and smooth operation.             Wider stationary jaws of the HD690 vise are more stable and provide less deflection than other vise designs. The stationary jaw bolts from the top to reduce stress on the vise body while lying flatter when assembled. This eliminates the need to remove the vise body from the machine table for cleaning. Also, the narrow vise body width allows for more vises in the same work envelope for increased machine productivity. The HD690 vise has a clamping force ranging from 975 to 5,250 pounds using 10 to 80 pounds of input torque.            

Additional features include: quick change machinable jaws for odd shaped parts, Groove-Lock jaw and workstop, sine keys for part alignment and optional swivel base and machinable aluminum jaw kit. The HD690 vise is one model in a series that includes hydraulic and CarvLock tower models.

  • 9- inch jaw opening
  • top-down bolting
  • extra tall body