Ethernet Switch, 5 TP RJ45 Ports (1 on Bottom), 10/100 Mbps, Autocrossing, SFN

Jan. 17, 2014
Phoenix Contact's new SFN (Narrow) switches use 3rd generation switch technology to lower installed costs by up to 70% when compared with current market offerings.
The new SFN 5- and 8-port switches provide low cost, fully industrially hardened, entry-level switch functions with 5 or 8 ports (10/100 Mbps) in a narrow housing width. These include a uniquely complete range of 100Mbps glass fiber configurations to support 1 or 2 ports with SC or ST style connectors.
Each SFN switch includes the unique ability to add optional security frames that can be used to block unused RJ45 ports or lock in existing cables. This Physical Layer 1 security restricts network access by unauthorized personnel, yet remains simple for plant floor personnel to implement.
The SFN series includes the first industrial unmanaged IEEE 802.3z gigabit switches for applications requiring either intense data or the anticipation of future network expansion. The 8-port gigabit SFN switches will provide a broad range of connectivity by allowing 1 or 2 fiber ports and multimode and single mode glass fiber options for distances up to 20km. State-of-the-art gigabit technology includes twisted pair 10/100/1000 capability on all ports.

FL SWITCH SFN 5TX - Ethernet switch with 5 TP RJ45 ports complete with automatic detection of data transmission rate of 10 or 100 mbps (RJ45) and auto-crossing & auto-negotiating functionality.
  • Increased Network Performance by Filtering the Data Traffic
  • Local Data Traffic Remains Local
  • Amount of Data in the Network Segments is reduced
  • Simple Network Extension without Configuration of the Switches
  • Coupling of Copper Network Segments with Different Transmission Rates with Automatic Detection of Data Transmission Rate of 10 or 100 Mbps
  • Auto Negotiation: Each Copper Port Establishes a Half or Full Duplex Connection with 10 or 100 Mbps
  • Auto Crossing: It is Not Necessary to Make a Distinction between 1:1 or Crossover Ethernet Copper Cables
  • Electrical Isolation of Network Segments Using Up to Two Fiber Optic Ports
  • Option to Attach Layer 1 Security Elements to the RJ45 Ports
Brand/Series:SFN | Transmission Speed:10/100 Mbit/s | Protocol Type:Store and Forward Switching | Port, Type:RJ45 | Number of Ports:5 | Phoenix Part Number:FL SWITCH SFN 5TX | Type:Unmanaged Ethernet Switch |