Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Cap 100uF 50V 20% Radial 8X11.5 LS 3.5 mm

Jan. 18, 2014
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors PW Series Miniature sized, low Impedance, High Reliability for switching power supplies.Features:
  • Smaller Case Size and Lower Impedance Than PM Series
  • Low Impedance and High Reliability Withstanding 2000 Hours to 8000 Hours
  • Capacitance Ranges Available Based on the Numerical Values in E12 Series Under JIS
  • Case Size:8 mm Dia. x 11.5 mm L | Material, Element:Aluminum Electrolytic | Lead Spacing:3.5 | Voltage, Rating:50 | Tolerance:±20 | Capacitance:100 | Termination:Radial |