Relay;E-Mech;Control;Cur-Rtg 4A;Ctrl-V 115AC;Vol-Rtg 250AC/DC;DIN Rail Mnt;CE

Jan. 24, 2014
  • Two-Hand Control Modules Are for Use with STB Self-Checking Touch Buttons; Certified Type IIIC Per EN 574
  • Two-Hand Control Modules Are for Use with OTB Optical Touch Buttons; Certified Type IIIA/B
  • E-Stop and Guard Monitoring Modules Monitor External Devices for Contact Failure
  • Extension Modules Provide Additional Safety Outputs to a Primary Safety Device
  • Interface Modules Increase the Switching Current Capacity of Low-Voltage Primary Safety Devices to 6 Amps
  • Muting Modules Suspend Safeguarding During Hazard-Free Times in the Machine's Cycle
  • Brand/Series:Duo-Touch | Function:General Purpose | Voltage, Control:115 | Standards:CE | Temperature, Operating:0 to +50 | Relay Type:Electro Mechanical | Current, Coil:4 | Power, Rating:1000?200 | Current Rating:4 | Voltage, Rating:250 | Mounting Type:DIN Rail | Current, Rating:4 | Output Type:Relay |