Duratek Performance Grip Screwdriver

Feb. 3, 2014

The new DuraTek™ Performance Grip Screwdriver from PROTO® combines strength, comfort, and durability like never before. This screwdriver was designed with a triple-shot nylon blended alloy injection for greater torque and enhanced chemical resistance to industrial solvents. The DuraTek™ screwdriver lineup features five offerings with keystone/cabinet, Philips, Torx® square, and nut driver tips. Each configuration features several SKUs to choose from.

Comfort is found in the DuraTek™ three-zone handle. Each handle features a high torque zone for increased grip for high torque applications, a precision zone for greater control on fine torque applications, and a speed zone for greater speed and control. The molded tip ID provides easy tool identification, and the 3-step high polish finish with vapor bladed tip provides extra protection against corrosion. 

  • Three-zone handle
  • Increased protection against corrosion
  • Molded tip ID