Hose System Delivers Air and Water in a Single Configuration

Feb. 7, 2018
Parker Hannifin, Industrial Hose Division's Twinhammer features durable, chemically bonded and abrasion resistant lines that enable efficient installation.

The Industrial Hose Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has launched a new hose system designed to assist construction and rental equipment companies, state and local government agencies and those who employ jackhammer and breaker operators to easily, effectively and safely comply with a new OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) standard.


Parker Twinhammer hose is the first factory-assembled dual hose system that delivers both air and water in a single, bonded twin-line configuration for dust suppression in heavy duty pneumatic jackhammer applications.


Twinhammer hose assemblies feature durable, chemically bonded and abrasion resistant lines that enable efficient installation and kink-resistant handling that easily negotiates debris and obstacles, eliminating the need for intrusive clamps, straps, tape or other devices to join distinct air and water hoses.


The assemblies incorporate maintenance-free permanent crimped universal fittings for easy connection/disconnection to the air supply, and rust-resistant brass male NPT couplings for attachment to the water supply and spray apparatus.


The new twin line hose system concurrently:

  • transfers air to power heavy duty pneumatic jackhammers
  • transfers water to suppress silica dust produced by tool operation
  • helps create a safer and more efficient work environment


Parker has also introduced a hose spray kit to transfer water from the supply hose to the jackhammer tool bit. The kit provides efficient and consistent water angle, distance, flow and spray pattern for effective silica dust control.


Twinhammer hose is identified as Series 7084 in Parker nomenclature.