Voice Coil Motor Offers More Power

July 9, 2018
Moticont's motor has zero cogging and features high accuracy.

With a higher continuous force of 40.86 lb. and a higher peak force of 129.1 lb., the LVCM-070-089-03 has zero cogging and features high accuracy, and a high repeatability to less than 1 micron when operated in a closed loop as a DC servo motor.


The linear voice coil motor has a stroke length of 1.00 in. and is easily added to new or existing applications using 10-32 UNC-2B mounting holes on each end of the motor which can be order as a complete plug-and-play system including an encoder and controller.


This compact, more powerful motor is ideal for: work holding and clamping, antenna positioning, medical devices, assembly, testing, laser machining and drilling, wafer handling, optical focusing, dynamic vibration absorption, scanners and laser beam steering and filtering.