Battery Capacity Analyzer

Oct. 23, 2018
B&K's battery analyzer stores data for up to 50 batteries.

The 603B handheld battery capacity analyzer tests 6 and 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries with capacities up to 100 ampere hour (Ah). Test results include voltage, state of charge, and internal resistance.


The analyzer keeps the popular fast test cycle time of the 600B and 601B and adds several features for battery testing used in low voltage system integration and related trades. These features include the ability to store and recall test configurations and measurement results, charger circuit testing, and removable cables. Each record includes information such as building name, panel location, system type, battery manufacturer, and serial number.


The complete set of 50 battery records can be stored internally or externally to a computer, expanding record keeping to an unlimited number of batteries. With the provided software, measurements can be transferred from the 603B to the computer. The measurement results can be used to enhance preventive maintenance programs, by evaluating how each battery changes over time.


The 603B battery capacity analyzer is the ideal choice for testing sealed lead acid batteries commonly used in intrusion detection, fire alarm, security camera, access control, industrial control, and other battery backup systems.

  • Fast test cycle time for quick sorting of batteries
  • Test configuration and measurements are stored to internal memory
  • Add or edit records using the keypad or remote computer.
  • Pre-load up to 50 test configuration records from the computer via USB
  • Test both open and loaded battery voltage
  • Powered by the battery under test
  • Built-In charge circuit testing
  • Twist-lock test leads can be changed in seconds
  • Closed case calibration and firmware updates via USB