Retractable Banana Test Leads

Feb. 28, 2014

Mueller Electric Company, Inc. announces the global market introduction of Coolflex45, an industry-exclusive family of stackable, retractable 10 AWG banana test leads, rated to an unprecedented 600V, 45 Amps at +105°C. During rigorous testing conducted by an independent certified laboratory, Coolflex45 cables were exposed to overload currents of 70 Amps for fifteen seconds, resulting in only a +14°F (+8°C) temperature rise. In addition, testing under a continuous AC load  of 45 Amps resulted in only a +30°F (+17°C) temperature rise. Available in both black and red, Mueller Electric Coolflex45 test leads (sold as model BU-2323-10-XX, where XX denotes length in inches, and -0 denotes black, or -2 red, respectively) get their name from the extremely low temperature rise that they exhibit  under high-current conditions. 

The cable is 10 AWG and features a highly flexible silicon jacket. The stackable, retractable banana plugs with safety tips featured on Coolflex45 fit all standard 4mm banana jacks. A clear, retractable banana sheath offers further critical electrical protection when the cable is not mounted. The Mueller Electric Coolflex45 is the only test lead of its kind that is capable of supporting high-current applications to 45 Amp without excessive test lead heating. At the same time, Coolflex45 test leads offer the same flexibility as standard 18 AWG test cables, allowing them to be specified into a wider range of applications. The Coolflex45, as with all Mueller Electric products, is RoHS compliant.

  • rated to an unprecedented 600V, 45 Amps at +105°C
  • cable is 10 AWG