NEMO BO Open Hopper Pump Progressing Cavity Pump

Sept. 22, 2023
NETZSCH's progressing cavity pump handles viscous to non-free-flowing product, with and without solids.


The NEMO BO Open Hopper Progressing Cavity Pump works for viscous and non-free-flowing product, with and without solids, for a wide range of applications in the beverage, food, cosmetic, biotech, and chemical industries.


The housing of the pump is designed with an enlarged rectangular hopper, a force feed chamber, and an integrated feeding screw in the hopper. Fluctuations in pressure and viscosity do not affect its continuous low-pulsation conveyance. The pumps provide continuous, pressure-stable, gentle, and low-pulsation pumping of a wide variety of media. Since the shape of the cavities is always constant, the pumped product is not compressed, allowing users to convey not only fluids but also solids.


NEMO pumps are available with conveying elements in 4 different rotor/stator geometries so that each pump is precisely tuned to the requirements of the application.


They're available in a range of metallic materials from simple grey cast iron and chrome-nickel steel to highly acid-resistant materials such as Duplex, Hastelloy, and titanium, as well as ceramics, plastics, and elastomers for aggressive and abrasive applications.

  • Open throat housing with rectangular inlet flange and auger with force-feed chamber
  • Continuous low-pulsation conveyance
  • Capacity in proportion to rotation speed with precision metering over a wide speed range
  • High-pressure capability without valves
  • Stator with chamfered inlet for optimal filling of the pumping element
  • Gentle product handling
  • Pump connections in accordance with national and international standards
  • Easy serviceability
  • Variable modular system
  • Various rotor/stator geometries and a broad array of materials
  • Robust and compact block construction
  • Standard mechanical seal/other seals optional
 PressureCapacitySpeed NM015 BO/BS12 bar0.35 to 25 ft3/h (0.01 to 0.7 m3/h)800 rpm NM021 BO/BS12 bar1.4 to 71 ft3/h(0.04 to 2 m3/h)800 rpm NM031 BO/BS12 bar3.5 to 176 ft3/h (0.1 to 5 m3/h)600 rpm NM038 BO/BS18 bar9 to 424 ft3/h (0.25 to 12 m3/h)600 rpm NM045 BO/BS18 bar18 to 706 ft3/h (0.5 to 20 m3/h)600 rpm NM053 BO/BS18 bar28 to 1,059 ft3/h (0.8 to 30 m3/h)600 rpm NM063 BO/BS18 bar49 to 1,412 ft3/h (1.4 to 40 m3/h)600 rpm NM076 BO/BS18 bar88 to 1,942 ft3/h (2.5 to 55 m3/h)600 rpm NM090 BO/BS18 bar124 to 2,825 ft3/h (3.5 to 80 m3/h)600 rpm NM105 BO/BS12 bar265 to 4,237 ft3/h (7.5 to 120 m3/h)600 rpm