STOPOUT Low-Profile Circuit Breaker Lockout

March 20, 2014

Accuform Signs announces the newest addition to their exclusive line of STOPOUT lockout/tagout solutions, the STOPOUT Simple Circuit Breaker Lockout. The STOPOUT Simple Circuit Breaker Lockout holds tightly onto a circuit breaker for a secure and solid lockout. The unit uses a combination of a setscrew and metal jaws for optimum secure grip using a flathead screwdriver. The set screw twists to lock the device onto a circuit breaker for operational or maintenance on machines and electrical, and the unique design allows for easy lockout application and removal. 


This Simple Circuit Breaker combined with a lock and safety tag not only immobilizes the switch but also becomes a further indication to stop what you’re doing and assess the situation before you proceed. People’s lives are on the line.