10 kW Direct Diode Laser System

March 13, 2014

A new direct-diode laser system from Coherent Inc. now offers higher power, which translates into increased throughput for applications in metal cladding and heat treating.  The new HighLight™ 10,000D outputs 10 kW (at 975 nm), and can be configured to deliver a wide variety of interchangeable beam shapes (with widths from 1 mm to 12 mm, and lengths from 6 mm to 36 mm) to optimally match specific processing requirements.  When combined with Coherent’s pressurized or gravity feed powder nozzles and systems, this increased power level enables higher deposition rate cladding (>20 lb/h), or the use of larger spot sizes for heat treating.  

In addition, Coherent offers a pyrometer for monitoring work surface temperature for closed-loop control of laser power during heat treatment and cladding. HighLight customers have access to Coherent’s applications development lab and engineering staff.  This team helps to configure a system that matches each customer’s precise requirements, and can identify optimum processing parameters for cladding, heat treating and welding applications.  

  • delivers a wide variety of interchangeable beam shapes