Electric Actuators Brochure

March 4, 2014

Exlar announces its Process Industry Brochure is now available in print form or by download from its website. Featuring Exlar’s electro servo actuators, this brochure highlights the actuator’s performance capabilities in process control applications, including power plants and oil and gas. With high efficiency and speed, 100% duty cycle meeting IEC S9 standards, and a long operating life, Exlar’s electric actuators provide the ideal solution for modulating control valves.Designed with patented technology, Exlar electric actuators convert the rotary motion of a motor directly to a linear force by integrating a roller screw or planetary gear head into a servo motor. This enables precise positioning capabilities, speeds up to 40 inches per second and a lifespan measured in hundreds of million strokes versus thousands in typical electric actuators.Exlar actuators are a perfect choice for methane emission elimination on separators and other pressure valve applications in the oil and gas industry. With demanding hazardous environments, the oil and gas industry require actuators that can provide reliable, continuous operation with 12-48VDC and 120-220 VAC capabilities. Whether upstream or downstream, Exlar actuators provide dependability and control no matter the application demand.In addition to oil and gas applications, Exlar actuators are also optimal for power plant applications, such as industrial gas turbines or dampers, that require reliable performance control for continuous operation. Exlar’s innovative actuator technology meets these performance requirements by providing high speed, while maintaining precise positioning and feedback.