Drive-In Storage Rack Systems

March 21, 2014

Drive-In Storage Rack Systems store product on continuous rails that allow lift trucks to directly enter the rack structure to place and retrieve pallets. Fewer aisles are required, increasing storage density and saving money. These "Last In, First Out" systems can provide high-density solutions with system depths that supply virtually unlimited storage space.


The systems are engineered for maximum strength and configuration flexibility. The Ridg-U-Rail 2000 is a roll-formed rail offering unparalleled strength and rigidity. Ridg-U-Rak’s Space Saver Rail saves vertical space when height is critical. Pound for pound, they are the strongest drive-in rails on the market, as verified by laboratory testing.


Superior top bracing increases column rigidity and rack stability. Ridg-U-Rak uses roll-formed support columns. Slant back frames and column reinforcement are commonly incorporated to protect against accidental lift-truck impact damage. Durable supports secure the rails to the upright frame and continuous fillet welding permanently bonds channel rail support to the connection plate.