Walter Surface Technologies introduces XCAVATOR, the newest, most powerful member of Walter’s innovative family of high performance grinding wheels to date. Designed for the toughest, most demanding grinding jobs for a range of industry metal fabrication shops such as Metal Fabrication, Steel Mills,  Mining, Oil & Gas, and ship building, the XCAVATOR ultra high removal grinding wheel delivers heavy-duty performance and the highest level removal rate in the Walter range of industry-leading grinding wheel products. Tested on some of the world’s hardest resources – including tungsten carbide, tempered steel, Inconel, Hardox, and Boron steel,  XCAVATOR’s extra aggressive, coarse front layer of enriched Zirconium grain has gone through rigorous testing to help deliver the industry’s highest removal rates.  

A powerful wheel for powerful industry environments, XCAVATOR helps ensure optimal power transfer – from operator to working surface – for the toughest jobs. XCAVATOR features an extra strong disc base/backing for more powerful and aggressive grinding action. It also features Walter patented UHR multi-layer manufacturing technology to prevent edge flakiness – keeping the wheel edge symmetrically round for more safety and longer life. “Today’s demanding fabrication environments require the utmost in power when it comes to grinding wheel technology and Walter has developed the new XCAVATOR to deliver this. Grinding represents a major part of shop costs and XCAVATOR stands tall as a heavy-duty grinding wheel that helps save time, save money and is built to last,” said Jean-François Dubois, Director of Marketing, Canada, Walter Surface Technologies. Created for use with powerful grinding machines, XCAVATOR performs removes over 30% more grams per minute compared to other Ultra High Removal wheels, while at the same time absorbing vibrations, allowing this durable wheel to cost-effectively outlast all other grinding wheels in this category. Free of materials such as iron, sulfur and chlorine, XCAVATOR is virtually guaranteed not to contaminate surfaces such as stainless steel.

  • extra strong disc base/backing
  • absorbs vibrations