Fabric Duct

March 19, 2014

DuctSox introduces OvalSox, fabric duct designed for low clearance HVAC ventilation in industrial and commercial building applications. OvalSox which ranges from 11 to 22-inches-high and 47 to 93-inches-wide, saves 13 to 27-inches of head room versus round HVAC fabric and metal duct alternatives.  There's no air volume or air dispersion lost with OvalSox versus conventional duct that hangs too low and obstructs industrial overhead conveyors or high rising equipment.  

OvalSox is also ideal for data centers with high rising security cages or low hung ceilings in offices and other commercial designs. OvalSox retains an inflated shape even during idle air handling periods with patent-pending polyester ropes and supportive fiberglass rods for structural integrity. Six 3/16-inch-diameter ropes are sewn into the fabric interior at nine to 14-inch increments, which also present an aesthetic pleated effect. Additionally, 3/8-inch-diameter corrosion-proof white fiberglass rods are attached via sewn-in clips atop the fabric surface to accentuate an inflated appearance. OvalSox is ceiling hung with two easily-installed rows of cable or H-track suspension systems, that also help keep an inflated shape with minimal sag. OvalSox is superior to metal ductwork in that it offers a variety of air dispersion options, such as air porous fabric, linear vents, nozzles and orifices.

OvalSox applications can also be combined with traditional round fabric via a transition fitting. There are many DuctSox fabric options available, including Sedona Xm™, Tuftex™, Verona™, Duratex™, Microbe-X™ for food processing, and Stat-X™ for anti-static electricity environments such as datacenters.  OvalSox is available in a variety of colors based on selected fabric,  as well as custom colors. 

Other benefits of OvalSox are:·         

  • Approximately half the cost of oval-shaped metal duct, depending on diameter;         
  • Up to 90-percent lighter and up to 60-percent faster installing than metal duct;
  • Better air dispersion with porous fabrics and/or linear vent combinations versus metal duct registers;
  • Five-year warranty for most applications, one-year for food processing;
  • UL-classified
  • 11 to 22-inches-high
  • 47 to 93-inches-wide
  • saves 13 to 27-inches of head room