March 26, 2014

SKINTOP MS-M ATEX and MSR-M ATEX were developed for use in areas with risk of explosion and for cables used with fail-safe circuits in housings and devices which require class ”e” security. SKINTOP MSR-M ATEX is equipped with a reducer bushing to seal cables with a smaller outer diameter. SKINTOP MS-M ATEX PLUS sizes provide a clamping range of 44 to 55 m.


Recommended Applications: Chemical and petrochemical industry; mobile offshore and marine applications


Application Advantages: •Equipment Group II, Category 2G + 1D •The heavy-duty SKINTOP design provides great pull-out strength and very reliable strain relief •Superior integrated locking mechanism includes an internal ratchet for vibration-proof protection •Multi-trapezoidal thread requires just one twist to tighten