March 26, 2014

SKINTOP CUBE provides an innovative approach to traditional multi-cable bushing systems, providing many great improvements and advancements including increased simplicity, ease of use, and safety. The patented SKINTOP CUBE flexible clip modules provide an extremely quick and easy installation with far better sealing and clamping capabilities. Additionally, service to the cables is greatly simplified, as removing the frame from the enclosure is not necessary when replacing cables.


Application Advantages:

  • Faster and easier assembling and disassembling than other multi-cable bushing systems.
  • Cable diameters ranging from 4 to 16 mm are covered with just four SKINTOP CUBE modules, greatly reducing inventory.
  • Securely fixed SKINTOP CUBE modules can be assembled with the cable before installation in the frame.
  • Materials are oil, grease, UV, and ozone resistant; the perfect solution for industrial applications where harnessed cables need to be installed.
  • The SKINTOP CUBE frame accommodates up to 10 cables and fits within standard 16 and 24-pole industrial connector entry holes.