Intrinsically-Safe Flashlights

April 29, 2014

Both the XPP-5420 Intrinsically Safe Polymer Flashlight series and the XPP-5422 Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light series lights have received a significant improvement in the brightness of their CREE® LED rating. The XPP-5420 models increased from 80 lumens to 140 lumens, while the flashlight of the XPP-5422 models increased from 80 lumens to 120 lumens. The embedded floodlight of the XPP-5422 increased from 80 lumens to 120 lumens, providing a whopping 240 lumens when the flashlight and floodlight are used together in Nightstick’s exclusive Dual-Light mode. 

When coupled with a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector, users of the XPP-5420 will now achieve a flashlight beam rated at 180 meters, while XPP-5422 users will achieve a flashlight beam rated at 170 meters.

Nightstick has expanded the safety ratings of both their XPP-5420 series and the XPP-5422 series lights. Whereas both lines have always included a cETLus safety rating, they now also include ATEX, IECEx, and MSHA certifications. These globally recognized certifications cement these products as the highest rated intrinsically safe flashlights and intrinsically safe dual-lights available on the market today.

  • improvement in brightness
  • expanded safety ratings