Brushless Motor and Driver Package

April 3, 2014

Oriental Motor USA is proud to introduce our newest generation brushless DC motor and driver package, the BMU Series. The BMU Series continues our brushless motors advantages by offering a wide and stable speed range, easy wiring and easy set up, all in a long life, maintenance-free compact package. The new BMU Series features an all new brushless motor with increased efficiency and smaller overall size coupled with an all new, easy to connect, easy to control driver. 

Now including an 80 to 4000 r/min speed range, the BMU Series gives designers who are using servos, three-phase AC motors with inverters or those seeking high performance speed control options at competitive prices, a new solution. When used with a parallel gearhead (combination type), up to 260 lb-in of high permissible torque can be attained. The high performance output of the BMU Series is further enhanced with a slim body, maintenance free design that allows for additional space savings. Expanded functions and specifications, such as improved speed regulation, torque limitation, programming and various display functions can be set on the driver. The new BMU Series products are available in 30 W (1/25 HP), 60 W (1/12 HP) or 120 W (1/6 HP) and in round shaft or parallel shaft gear head. 

 The BMU Series’ key features are: 

  • Easy to wire with motor connectors and driver connectors 
  • Stable speed control range of 80 to 4000 r/min 
  • Long-life gearheads rated life of 10,000 hours 
  • Maintenance free 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  •  Energy efficient
  • wide and stable speed range
  • easy wiring