Coin-Type Lithium Rechargeable Battery

April 22, 2014

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) announced today a new coin-type lithium rechargeable battery, “MS920T”, which offers a higher operating temperature than conventional rechargeable batteries. While the maximum operating temperature for conventional batteries is 60 deg-C, “MS920T” can operate at 85 deg-C. Coin-type lithium rechargeable batteries are widely used in various electrical devices, such as digital still cameras, Security and Dashboard Cameras, Thermostats, GPS, as a power backup for real time clock and memory. SII successfully increased the operating temperature for “MS920T” up to 85 deg-C using its unique sealing technology to meet outdoors and inside vehicle applications.


1. High operating temperature (85 deg-C) Generally, using a lithium rechargeable battery at high temperature accelerates the deterioration. However MS920T keeps more than 95% of its initial capacity after 60 days of storage at 85 degrees C, though the conventional type batteries lose their capacity to 40% of the initial capacity under the same conditions. 

2. Excellent overdischarge characteristics MS920T keeps stable discharge characteristics even after being overdischarged to 0V. 

3. Long cycle life MS920T can be charged and discharged more than 100 times with 100% depth of discharge, when the battery is charged and discharged at 3.3V to 2.0V*. *Estimated based on the design.

  • can operate at 85°C
  • excellent overdischarge characteristics