April 8, 2014

UNITRONIC BUS PB FD HYBRID is designed for automation networks requiring fast and reliable data exchange between controllers and field devices.


Recommended Applications: Highly flexible hybrid (data and power) applications like power chains & moving machine parts; PROFIBUS bus systems DP, FMS, and FIP.


Application Advantages:

  • Hybrid cable for data transmission and power supply
  • Oil-resistant and flame-retardant outer jacket
  • Sunlight resistant 
  • Minimum Bend Radius 
    • for stationary use: 10 x cable diameter
    • for continuous flexing: 15 x cable diameter  
  • Temperature Range -5 to +80°C     
  • Nominal Voltage 600V (not for power applications)      
  • Characteristic Impedance 150 ? ± 15 ?     
  • Nominal Capacitance 9 pF/ft      
  • Color Code - Data pairs: Red & green - Power conductors: Black with white numbers     
  • Approvals UL: CMG CL3  Canada: c(UL) CMG