Mini-Load Collapsible Tote

June 9, 2014

ORBIS Corporation has developed the 600 x 400 Mini-Load Collapsible tote, a handheld container designed for use with custom protective dunnage to increase part density, reduce part damage and efficiently ship and store parts. This reusable, system-ready tote injects a high-level of user-friendly mobility into the supply chain—driving sustainability and optimization, and reducing costs. The Mini Tote was designed specifically to interface with automated systems. Its versatile 600 mm x 400 mm footprint integrates with standard equipment, while its 300 mm height accommodates many product forms. Injection molded for precision, the Tote promotes a dimensional consistency to ensure repeated performance during its entire service life, delivering the sustainable and efficiency benefits customers expect from ORBIS reusable plastic packaging and pallets. 

The Mini Tote offers a significant advancement in operational efficiency, with efficient hopper doors on each end for easier use and access to product in picking lines. Specially designed fingertip latches allow users to easily collapse the Tote when not in use, and makes for easier assembly when ready to be used. Its reinforced bottom and rib design supports higher weight loads, allowing more products to be stored and shipped per trip. 

he Mini-Load Collapsible tote offers a number of benefits including:

  • Cubes out a 40x48 pallet for movement within the supply chain
  • Easily assembles and collapses, with fingertip latches
  • Offers easy access to product, with wide hopper doors
  • Allows associates to easily break apart stacks when manually handling, with shallow handles on short ends
  • Interfaces seamlessly with conveyer systems
  • Supports higher weight loads due to its unique bottom design and reinforced rib design
  • Increases density in picking aisles, with efficient drop door that sits flush to tote
  • reusable, system-ready
  • 600 mm x 400 mm footprint