Explosion Proof, Waterproof Fluorescent Light

June 9, 2014

This fluorescent light fixture is a 4 foot long, 2 lamp Class 1 Division 1&2 and Class 2 Division 1&2 explosion proof light that carries a T6 temperature rating and is approved for use in paint spray booth applications. The lamps are protected by heat and impact resistant Pyrex tubes and the fixture is constructed of copper free aluminum alloy. This light is available with a variety of lamp options which includes; T5HO, T8, T12HO or T12DL.


U.L. Listing: United States – Canada                                         U.L. Ratings

Total Watts: 108 watts *Standard T5HO                                 Class 1 Division 1, Groups  C,D

Total Lumens: 10,000 *Standard T5HO                                   Class 1 Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D

Voltage: Universal 120V-277V 50/60 Hz                                 Class 2 Division 1-2, Groups E,F,G

Lamp Life Expectancy: 20,000 Hours * Standard T5HO        UL 844, 924

Mounting: Bracket Standard – Pendant Optional                 UL 1598 Marine Type

Wiring Hub: ½ inch threaded                                                     UL 595 Outdoor Marine Type (Saltwater)

Color Temp: Varies with Bulb Choice                                       California Title 24 Compliant

Bulb Type: T5HO, T8, T12HO, or T12DL                                    UL Listed for Paint Spray Booths                                                    

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