Explosion Proof Low Voltage Light Cart with Transformer

June 10, 2014
This mobile light cart from is designed to provide operators in hazardous locations with four mobile drop lights operating on 12 or 24 volt AC  and comes complete with 50 feet of SOOW explosion proof cord and 5-15 plug. Constructed of aluminum, this cart is mounted on no-flat rubber tires and contains a 500 watt step down transformer that converts 120 VAC current to 12 Volts DC. Included with this cart are four 12 volt explosion proof hand lamps.

U.L. Listing: United States                                        U.L. Approvals

Total Watts: 400 watts Class 1 Division 1             Class 1 Division 1 (100 watts)

Total Watts: 300 Watts Class 2 Division 1            Class 2 Division 1 (75 watts)

Mounting: Aluminum Cart with No Flat Tires

Voltage: Stnd-120 stepped down to 12V AC or 24 V AC

Wiring: 50’ SOOW Cord – 5-15 Explosion Proof Plug

Lamp Type: 12/24V AC Incandescent

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