Low Profile Adjustable Magnetic Mount LED light Fixture

June 11, 2014
This Class 1 Division 1&2, Class 2 Division 1&2 magnetic mount explosion proof light fixture provides 6,000 lumens of LED illumination while drawing only 70 watts. The adjustable magnetic mount allows operators to install this fixture on curved surfaces without worrying about it falling off. It is available in 360° or 180° beam spreads. A special heat dissipating design in conjunction with advanced LED driver technology helps this fixture achieve and excellent 100,000 hour rated lifespan with 70% lumen retention.

Lamp Type: LED                                                                  Ratings/Approvals

Total Watts: 70                                                                   Class 1 Division 1-2, Groups B,C,D

Total Lumens: 6,000                                                          Class 2 Division 1-2, Groups E,F,G

Lamp Life Expectancy: 100,000+ Hours                        UL 844

Operating Temp Range: T5 Rated                                  UL 1598A

Color Temp: 5000K                                                            IP66

Beam Spread: 180° or 360°                                              NEMA 4 X

Voltage: Multi – 100-277V AC, 50/60Hz

Mounting: (8) 100lb Grip Magnets with Adjustable U-Brackets

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