1.8KW Mobile Solar Powered Generator with Instant Start

June 18, 2014
This solar generator includes (6) 300 watt solar panels, solar charging system, battery bank and backup gasoline generator mounted on trailer with outriggers and removable tongue. This 1.8KW solar generator system replenishes 200 amp hours of usable battery capacity per day, assuming 5.5 hours of peak charging sunlight. This system delivers 120V AC for lighting, cameras, sensors, or other electronic equipment.

Panes: (6) 300 Watt Panels

Method of Deployment:  Rotating Axis, Hand Winch

Average Charge Capacity: 75 Amps per Hours

Panel Protection: Fused Combiner Box

System Protection: Battery over/under and ground fault

System Voltage: 24V DC

Battery Bank: 8 x 6-volt 200ah Batteries

Battery Capacity: 400ah Total and 200ah Usable

Trailer Axle: 3,500 Pound Rating

Inverter: 300 Watt – 24V DC to 120V AC

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