Minimal Maintenance Actuator

July 13, 2018
Harold Beck & Sons' electric actuator offers stored actuator statistics and diagnostics.

The Group 57 quarter-turn valve actuator offers the benefit of a smart, feature-rich control package that provides precise positioning, easy setup and configuration, multiple control options, flexible alarming, and diagnostic capabilities.


All Group 57 actuators are equipped with Beck’s time-proven Digital Control Module (DCM) technology. The DCM positions the actuator in response to analog, digital or pulse control signals and provides a myriad of configurable functions, features, diagnostics, and operating preferences. The actuators are also equipped with a contactless, non-wearing position sensor to monitor the output shaft position for both control and remote monitoring functions.


In modulating applications, the DCM continuously compares the Position signal to the Demand signal and takes the appropriate action to position the actuator’s output shaft as required to within 0.1-deg. rotation.


  • The ability to run on 12–48 Vdc power, making them ideal for use with solar panel operation.
  • Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D hazardous location ratings.
  • Built-in electric fail-safe capability with optional, internal ultra-capacitor backup power.
  • Fast stroking speeds (9 seconds for 90?) for applications with fast open or close requirements.
  • Simple and flexible valve mounting options including compliance with the ISO 5211 Part-turn Actuator Mounting Standard or custom hardware to fit virtually any valve.
  • Space efficient packaging making it easier to fit on valves in any orientation.



  • 12–30 Vdc (native standard)
  • 12–48 Vdc extended DC range with optional power conditioner
  • 120 Vac available as an option
  • 100–264 Vac with optional universal power supply (late availability)


Torque Output

  • 120 lb-ft (162.7 N•m)


Stroke Timing

  • 9 seconds per 90-deg. (configurable for slower speeds)


Positioning Resolution (Minimum Step Size)

  • 0.1-deg.



  • Approximately 55 lb.



  • Ordinary & Hazardous Locations: Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D
  • Enclosure ratings: Type 4X; IP66 / IP68 at 3 meters for 48 hours


Environmental Temperature Rating

  • -50º to 85ºC (-58? to 185?F) (may vary depending on options)


Control Input

  • 4–20 mA signal or ac/dc pulses


Communication Interfaces

  • HART and Modbus RTU (standard)


Configuration Options

  • Local pushbuttons, RS-232 Serial command port, Device Description (DD) based HART tools, Modbus


Modulation Duty

  • 100% continuous duty with no limitations


Mounting Orientations

  • Actuator may be mounted in any orientation without restrictions


Manual Operation

  • Hand crank (no power required) and Handswitch (power required)


Switches and Relays

  • (2) cam-operated over-travel protection switches (standard); Up to (4) Form C auxiliary, cam-operated switches (optional); (2) Programmable SPST relays (standard) or (2) DPDT (optional); Status relay (standard)


Wiring and Termination

  • Easy access, screw-type terminals accept up to 12 AWG wire


Hard Stops

  • Internal, fixed (standard); External adjustable hard stops (optional)


Status Indications

  • Configurable LED’s (red, green and yellow) visible through optional terminal compartment window
  • Digital numeric LCD position display (optional)


External Position Feedback Signal

  • 4–20 mA or 1–5 Vdc signal (standard)


Backup Power Supply (Optional)

  • An internal backup supply utilizing ultra-capacitors to provide “go-to-position” response upon power loss; Maximum operating temperature limitations apply


Valve Mounting Hardware (Optional)

  • ISO 5211 compatible hardware or custom hardware