Explosion Proof 16 Foot Telescoping Light Mast with Rotating Base

June 26, 2014
This 16 foot extendable light tower is equipped with two high output Class 1&2 Division 1&2 LED light fixtures producing approximately 12,000 lumens each. This tower will illuminate approximately 1.25 acres and includes a rotating base which allows the operators to aim the lights in any direction regardless of tower location. This telescoping steel light tower mast is designed to allow operators to quickly and safely deploy lighting and other electrical equipment in locations where this equipment must be elevated to heights up to 16 feet for effective coverage.

Lamp Type: LED                                                                                  Ratings/Approvals

Total Watts: 300                                                                                 Class 1 Division 1&2, Groups C,D

Total Lumens: 24,000                                                                        Class 2 Division 1&2, Groups E,F,G

Length: Telescoping from 10’ to 16’                                               Class 3

Materials: Steel                                                                                   ETL Listed LED Lights

Operation: 2-1,000lb Hand Winches, Electrical Optional           cETL Certified to UL844 and C22.2 Standards

Cable: 3/16” Aircraft Cable

Mounting: ¼” Thick, 13” x 15” Six Bolt Hole Brackets

Voltage: 120-277V AC 50/60Hz

Wiring: 10’ SOOW Cable with 5-15 EXP Plug

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